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Hello friends I'm Pavani. Thank you for being here and reading my story. I feel that I'm blessed to be here for a reason. Because, I never thought that I will be in this space where I can help and support many other students who are struggling with their academics and themselves to be an achiever. It's been almost 12 years now that I have completed my academic career and joined the employment phase. But I always felt that I'm not meant into this space of employee life. From the beginning I have always been an ambitious and self-motivating person.


In recent times I'm able to see the chaos and stress that students are undergoing whether in personal or academic life. So, I felt let’s join the students and understand their problems and support till they are out of that problem. Even myself was in that grind during my academics. I faced lot of peer challenges, humiliations and many other issues.


After so many hardships now I'm in a state to guide students and support them in their and my journey. So, I designed a course for you ''INTERNET STUDENT FORMULA" course which will help you move towards your goal leaving behind all your confusion, stress, low scores and many other problems.

My mission

My orientation to start this program for students started 3 years back and it came into force now. I always observed one thing, I spend more time with children and students compared with grownups, because of the energy and vibrancy students have and this is not seen in grownups, may be because of the responsibilities or the choices they have. So, I’m always an alien in elderly world 😊

My mission is to build a tribe of students who can collectively empower every student to get motivated and motivate others in achieving their desired academic and personal goals.

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If you still have doubts on how this will work for you, book a free clarity call for 15 minutes. Let’s meet live and discuss.

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